Objective of this activity is to assess and refine the technologies based on local problems to best fit the socio-economic condition of the farmers and to identify the production constraints. During 2016-17, 12 nos. of On Farm Trials have been conducted on different crops involving 126 farmers, in different villages of Ranchi District. Details of the OFTs conducted during the year are as given below.

On Farm Trial For Assessment and Refinement of Technologies No of Farmers Involved
Assessment of performance of ginger crop against Soft rot disease 10
Assessment of techniques to reduce fruit of bitter gourd for higher production and productivity 10
Assessment of performance of raised bed  and liquid manure in ginger under rain fed condition of Ranchi Distrct 07
Assessment of effect of urea(4%)and KNO3(4%) on mango yield 20
Assessment of performance of leaf carpeting and planting system in ginger under rain fed condition of Ranchi District 07
Addressing poor nodulation in chickpea in acdic of Ranchi District by seed priming 10
Assessment of performance if high yield varieties of onions by multi-locational trial in Ranchi District for increasing production 10
Assessment of performance of different backyard poultry breed in rural area 10
Assessment of performance of different herbal low cost de-wormers in goat 12
Assessment of Soyabean as alternate crop of upland paddy under rain fed condtion 10
Assessment of low cost housing and feed management in backyard poultry unit for increasing profitability 10
Assessment of different Deshi varities of paddy for increasing profitability of puffed rice making enterprise 10