Groups Involved in Activities No. of Groups
Incense stick making 13
Fisheries 12
Mushroom Prod 02
Goatery 110
Poultry and  Duckery 60
Vermi Compost Production 03
Lac production 24
Piggery 16
Weaving 01
Vegetable Farming 25
Food Processing 02
Puffed Rice Making 13

During the follow up programmes conducted in the reporting year for SHGs, many SHGs presented their success stories and some SHGs came out with some problems which were addressed in the same programme. As per the demand generated in these follow-up programmes, training programmes on different subjects were conducted later on as per details given below:

Subject No. of Training Programmes No. of Participants
Value Addition 6 153
Income Generation Activities 6 179
Location Specific Drudgery Reduction 1 30
Goatery Training 2 86
Poultry and Duckery 2 106
Storage of Tuber Crop 1 49
Food Processing 1 9
Tailoring Training 1 35
Auxiliary Nursing Training 1 30


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