Skill Development Training

Divyayan KVK has been putting its endeavors towards addressing the root causes of unemployment in the rural tribal villages, through its unique model of residential training programmes which build confidence in rural youth and enable them to launch their own enterprises. There are two types of training programmes which are offered by Divyayan viz. On-Campus and Off-Campus

On-Campus Training

There are two types of on-campus training viz. Motivational (Integrated Agriculture) and Special Training. Every trainee is made to undergo a Motivational Training programme before they are inducted in any Special Training courses. The training programme is meant for changing the mind set of the trainees and to make them sincere, disciplined and co-operative. Every effort is made to restore their lost self-confidence and self esteem through special classes on moral and spiritual values. Trainees are introduced do different trades which they can opt as special course after completing this course. The risk and and benefits involved in each trade are explained to them in great detail. To build their confidence, success stories pertaining to their locality and trade are presented. The duration this training programme is of 45 days, consisting of theory and practical classes.

After successful completion of the motivation course, one is eligible to join the special training programme. Special training courses are of 1 month, 3 months,  and 6 months duration depending upon the trade. During the training programme apart from skill development, emphasis is also given on developing managerial skill, so that they can be self reliant and can establish their own micro enterprise after completing the course.

Off-Campus Training

Off-campus training programmes are conducted just before a crop is cultivated and at every critical stage of the crop. This training programme is also a demand driven kind of training. The subject and topic of the training depends on the need and demand of the local farmers or village level organisations. Training on subjects like crop production, Dairy, Poultry, Bee-keeping, Lac cultivation, piggery, goatery, organic farming,, water management, secondary agriculture, INM, IPM, plant protection, Income Generation Activities  for SHGs are conducted as and when required.