Ashrama Library

The Ashrama has a well furnished library with free reading room for the benefit of the local people. The library also has a good collection of books for the children and it has always been an attraction for the children. The library also provides paid internet service to the readers. The tribal and backward communities have privilege of free Annual Subscription Membership including admission fee. Besides the books, periodicals and daily newspaper, the library maintains an Audio & Video CDs section for lending to the interested members.

The library works on open-shelf system, with computerized cataloguing system which helps the readers for a prompt access to books required by them for reference, reading or lending. The details of performance of the library during the year 2020-21 are given in the following table :

Performance of the Library Unit for the Period 2020-21


Sl. No. Components As on 31-03-2021
1 General Books (Accession) 19192
2 Text Books (Accession) 2732
3 Childrens’ Books (Accession) 1648
4 Newspapers (Hindi, Bengali & English) 11
5 Periodicals (Hindi, Bengali & English) 80
6 General Membership 2937
a) ST, SC, OBC Membership 886
7 Text Book Membership 80
a) ST, SC, OBC Text Book Membership 55
8 Children Membership 157
a) ST, SC, OBC Children Membership 13
9 General Book Issued 175*
10 Text Book Issued 1526*
11 Children Book Issued nil*
12 Total Readers 2227*

* Number are less because the public library remained closed for 10 months due to corona pandemic.