For sustainable development of quality and standard living of the rural masses the Ashrama has initiated a powerful movement of moral values inculcation in each and every section of society in its target areas. The Ashrama strongly feels that no development can be called a real development unless values are inculcated in students. Under the Vivekananda Yuva Chetana Programme, this Ashrama conducted following activities during the reporting period:

  1. Block Level and District Level Youth Convention
  2. 3 – Day Leadership Training for Balak Dals

Block Level and District Level Youth Convention

Swami Vivekananda always emphasized  the potential in the youth and instructed how this potentiality can be channelized for the welfare of the society. He had addressed this issue directly in many of his speeches.

 It was deeply felt that  the youth of the  country must be made aware of their inherent power and the  same should be channelized to build the nation. It is the need of the hour to make them understand their role in the development of the nation and to bring a positive change in their thought process, this being the only way to make our country unemployment free.

Keeping the above objectives in mind, 4 Block level youth conventions were conducted in Burmu, Bero,Angara Blocks under Ranchi,and Murhu Block under Khunti District.

The theme of the youth convention was “You are the maker of your own Destiny”. All the youth convention were of 1 day duration. In each convention stress was given on the life and teachings of Sister Nivedita and Swami Vivekananda and his call to the nation which are pertinent to youths. Group discussion on various topics on rural development, problem of unemployment and its solution, health & hygiene, cultural and social development were conducted. In each and every convention special classes on yoga, meditation, physical education and quiz were carried out. The participants were also made to present cultural programme on National Integration.

In the afternoon session of  each Youth Convention a Dharma Sabha was organized.

In all 1548 nos. youths and other participated.



  Sl. No.  Date  Block  District  Venue  No. of participants

including Volunteers

 1 14/02/2017  Bero  Ranchi  Lamkana  352
 2  17/02/2017  Burmu   Ranchi  Karanjuatoli  412
 3  21/02/2017  Murhu Khunti  Maliyada  324
 4  23/02/2017  Angara   Ranchi  Getalsud  460
Total                1548

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