Front Line Demonstration (FLD)

The main objective of Front-Line Demonstrations is to demonstrate newly released crop production and protection technologies and its management practices in the farmers’ field under different agro-climatic regions and farming situations. While demonstrating the technologies in the farmers’ field, the scientist are required to study the factors contributing higher crop production, field constrains of production and thereby generate production data and feedback information. Front-Line Demonstrations are conducted in a block of two or four hectares land in order to have better impact of the demonstrated technologies on the farmers and field level extension functionaries.

The special features of Front-Line Demonstrations are:

  • Front-Line Demonstrations are conducted under the close supervision of the scientists of our Krishi Vigyan Kendras,
  • Only newly released technologies or those likely to be released in near future are selected for the Front-Line Demonstrations.
  • Front-Line Demonstrations are organized in a block of two to four hectares involving all those farmers whose plots fall in the identified demonstration block.
  • Only critical inputs and training are provided from the scheme budget, remaining inputs are supplied by the farmers themselves.
  • Training of the farmers associated with the Front-Line Demonstrations is a prerequisite for conducting such demonstrations.
  • The target audience of the Front-Line Demonstration are both farmers and the extension officers. The purpose is to be convince extension functionaries and farmers together about the potentialities of the technologies for further wide scale diffusion; and
  • Front-Line Demonstration are used as a source of generating data on factors contributing higher crop yields and constraints of production under various farming situations.